kyle on March 20, 2013

If you’ve been watching the shoc repo, you’ve probably noticed the activity in the OpenACC branch. In addition to OpenACC, we’ve been working with Intel on a version of SHOC that uses OpenMP with the offloading compiler to test the NICS Beacon system..

We’re issuing a special prerelease of this version of the code, which is available now

One of the benefits of using OpenMP is that the code can also be compiled to run on the host processor. Assuming you have a recent version of the Intel compilers, just change the (admittedly verbose) CFLAGS setting from offload mode (the setting in the current Makefile) to a reasonable combination of flags for the host:

CFLAGS = -vec-report0 -O3 -openmp -intel-extensions -I$(SHOC_COMMON) -openmp-report

Running into trouble? Send any questions to the SHOC help list